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Feeling burnt out, disconnected, stressed and maybe even... lost?

Well this was me 11 years ago. I allowed an autoimmunity illness and the general daily grid of life to debilitate me. Changes had to be made, but the prospect of change overwhelmed me and I didn't know where to start?  So I set myself a few pocket guidelines a list of basic requirements for a radical journey of self creation. These basic guidelines, changed my life and now I want to share them with you!

Move, Stop, Stretch, Eat, Breathe, Play, Learn & Forgive.
Be a nice Human

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Yoga is my freedom and I strive to reflect this in my yoga classes and tutorials. Due to my long-term health problems, I have to live in a very disciplined bubble. I've studied many forms of yoga but I teach Hatha yoga as I find it lets me 'breathe' outside this bubble. It is considered very colorful and versatile. Exercise is essential in life, pushing and challenging ourselves helps us move forward and understand our capabilities. I exercise daily but I follow one rule - I aim for optimum health, not for the most desirable body. This reduces over exertion, dangerous pressures that can lead to the injuries. I aim to be healthy all my life with full mobility of my joints and muscles, not the 'body beautiful now' which can lead to future health problems and irreversible musculoskeletal damage.
Even with a positive out look on life and systems in place, I am and always will be prone to mental illness. This that once shamed me no longer hides in my head, and I will talk freely about it with anyone that asks. But we don't have to be prone to mental illness to have racing thoughts, emotion disruption, low self-esteem and a lack of purpose. Which is why I encourage all that wish to find mental clarity to embrace certain techniques which include, meditation, relaxation, music, cognitive behavioral therapy, and counseling. With an improved level of overall wellness, we can see exciting and positive changes in our everyday lives. These small but important changes can and will cause a ripple effect of 'positivity' which radiates outwards, impacting on the lives of those around us. Let's strengthen that goal with greater levels compassion and understanding.
This is a big topic for me! I realised at a very early stage in my journey that what I ate played a key role in the balance of my health, energy levels and over all well-being. For example, I don't drink (alcohol obviously) or caffeine (apart from green tea). As a coeliac, I avoid foods containing gluten. I try to limit my sugar intake to natural and raw varieties. I also try to eat as many as 7 portions or more of fruit or vegetables a day. I drink lots of water and herbal tea. I am a vegetarian and I keep my dairy intake to a minimum (I do like a dip in the naughty bin sometimes. I'm a sucker for dark chocolate!). Taken all together I find this approached works well for me and helps me to maintain a good level of health with regard to my M.E. My journey has changed the way I think about food forever and I will do my best to share my experiences with you.
Walk as though your feet kiss the earth. During moments of difficulty, I always find inspiration and regeneration in the great outdoors. I find freedom of my soul and mental clarity when scampering about the countryside and walks on countryside lanes in my wellies. I strive to understand how our health, relationships and the future of the human race is directly connected to the sustainability of the planet. I love to recycle and reuse. Many of us find something deeply satisfying and fulfilling about re-purposing old clothes and furniture. Not only does it save pennies but it can leave you with something unique. And you also are unique. Why fit in when YOU were born to stand out?
It is inevitable that we will age. But how quickly is down to how we embrace certain aspects of life? Surprisingly small changes to diet and exercise can help 'slow' the aging process as can choice of skin care products and changes in attitude. As far as my appearance goes, I would like to grow older gracefully by embracing natural holistic methods. Understanding ancient approaches and how they can be applied in today's modern world. Ageing is not confined to the physical, Let's grow our inner child, with a curious mind, and loving heart and a playful soul.
Wellbeing Winnie has always believed that trust, compassion and quality wins over a quick profit. Our ethos has meant that our growth has been slow but has resulted in strong roots and loyal connections. We are always adding to our recommendations page, keep checking in with us to see our community grow.
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