New classes are about to begin…

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I can’t lie, I’ve been lazy. As with everything in life, it’s all too easy to get into a routine that may not be the best for the long haul but that works for now.

I don’t regret the stagnant period as other areas of life and the emotional psych had to be lovingly attended to. The thought of change can seem daunting but with change comes growth and some much-needed excitement.

Which brings me to the new classes…

I the beautiful village of Castle Donington (the place where I grew up and had the best childhood) there is a lovely studio space that has just opened up.

The Rainbow Room 101 Hillside, Castle Donington  – Which used to be the villages Parish Council chambers

Lovingly refurbished to provide the village with a place for different events and activities, kept warm and immaculately clean

All though not huge, It comfortably fits a yoga or pilates class of 12 people

The Yoga classes will be held every Monday and Thursday. Wellbeing Winnie is grateful to be working alongside Rachel Ibbotson

From Rachel’s Pilates & Physiotherapy

After many years of being a Qualified Physiotherapist, she is expanding her world to teach physio based Pilates.

The new class schedule is as follows

Monday 6-7pm Rachel’s Pilates

Monday 7-8pm Winnie’s Hatha Yoga All Abilities

Monday 8-9pm Winnie’s Hatha Yoga Ambitious 

Thursday 9:30-10:30am Rachel’s Pilates

Thursday 10:30-11:30am Winnie’s Hatha Yoga All Abilities

Thursday 7pn-8pm Winnie’s Hatha Yoga All Abilities

Book Pilates online here

Book Yoga online here


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