Meet The Real Winnie ‘Daisy Winifred Hall’



Wellbeing Winnie has been named after my 92 year old Nana who has lived a long happy life with the highest level of positivity, excellent health and unbelievable compassion.

I have always relied on her inspiration, compassion and courage to guide me during the most difficult and adverse times in my life. I believe this beautiful outlook has changed my life and I am certain it will help all those who seek a happier, healthier, joyful state of being.
I am a young lady in my thirties (even younger at heart), who developed a chronic illness called myalgic encephalomyelitis (M.E) at an early age of 14.
You maybe be surprised to know that I feel very fortunate to have experienced such a debilitating, non-discriminate illness. It has taught me countless lessons which have had a positive impact on the type of person I am today. I have learnt to approach the illness with the hand of friendship which was much less destructive than trying to suppress it as an enemy.

I have experienced mental illness at its deepest level and have learnt something very surprising......I am not the only one, it turns out that all of us as human beings are vulnerable to the darkness, and that we all may need support and a little dose of courage at some point in our existence.
Wellbeing Winnie is driven to provide that support by the most natural means possible. In a form which is honest, non-judgmental, pure and from a heart which always strives to be open and free.

Yoga is a huge passion that I feed daily it has without question revolutionised my life. It is a lifestyle which includes fitness, diet, meditation, nature, well-being, compassion, courage, discipline and a big serving of positive attitude
This produces mental clarity, good health and speedy recovery, improved fitness, stress management, well-being, mind and body connection and a sense of purpose.
The creation of WW is a desire to utilise yoga instruction, meditation and all criteria that fall into the holistic philosophy in hope that others may find it instructive, comforting and enlightening.

Let's measure our strength based on our courage and kindness to ourselves and others.

Love and light
Anna x


Yoga is not a replacement nor is designed to compete with medical applications and physiotherapy, it is designed for specific tasks and is essential in obtaining desired results helping to complement. the orthodox approach.
Yoga is not designed to diagnose injury or problems in the body, it can not identify areas of a sporting individuals game and ability which may require improvement.


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