To live in this world requires balance. A balance between progress and the past, the natural and the man made...

We all want to live our lives bathed in light, joy, and hope. and we know that to live a long life that is filled with good health and happiness we must take care of our bodies.

The problem is ... The dark shadows, the ugly side of reality is just as influential to our lives but through choice, we suppress it, ignore it ... we fear it.
Darkness is like a petulant child that continues to seek our attention, it seeks more drastic measures and means to obtain just a little of our time.
This darkness is engulfing the earth, it screams for us to take note of its presence by destroying the earth, and all life on it. Part of that life is us!

I believe we can acknowledge this child and create a relationship which can heal and sustain all life for the future.

Awareness Is Everything

The process for change seems daunting, but in reality, as with our own health, small ripples of change will create big waves.
So let’s start small!

Recycle, Reuse, and think sustainably
There is always a journey on foot we can take instead of using the car. We can use the back of old paper for scribbling, enjoy a reusable flask instead of a paper cup. Turn a light off when we leave the room. Give up meat for one day a week.
It’s about being creative because when we make it fun we are compelled to do more.