“It is my belief that the strength of an individual's well-being and mental clarity has a direct effect on the world in which we live”

When we are happy we tend to be kinder and more forgiving, we are more aware of our environment and how we as individuals directly impact this amazing planet. Random acts of kindness and selflessness can change someone else's life in ways of which we are unaware and are unseen.

Let's learn to meditate, relax, be mindful, find pleasure in simple things, get outdoors more, communicate, practice yoga, create, dance...

Do more of what you love...



“Wellbeing to me is a life that has a sense of purpose, a soul that has freedom and a body with health and vitality.”

Wellbeing …. What does that actually mean?

Well … we all may interpret it differently. This word gets battered around so often that eventually confusion follows.
What is it … do I have it… do I need it… how do I get it?

Wellbeing to me is a life that has a sense of purpose, a soul that has freedom and a body with health and vitality.

So where does that fit into the world of the worker, the dreamer, the doer, the server, the loyal, the ambitious, the soldier?
Drive, determination, and focus are key components on the path to success, to fulfill goals to live our dreams and to achieve the impossible. The importance of these components is immeasurable, they help achieve and sustain the success we desire.

But… it is also these that, when employed for long periods of time can produce a detrimental effect on our health.
The problem is that when we get closer to that desired defining point we want more and feel we aren’t quite adequate.
Quite frankly it’s exhausting sustaining such a high level of enthusiasm. This fatigue results in a loss of purpose, the freedom in our souls and the loss in our health and vitality (well-being/wellness).

When this happens it is not just us that is affected. Unknowingly we are drawn to the negative it seems to feed the low state of mind. We lose an awareness and turn inwards (I suppose this is for protection).
We then lose the awareness of the things that are most important. The environment and the surrounding bubble that we exist in gets neglected.

Winnie’s mission…
To help all individuals understand and promote good levels of wellness in themselves and the world around them, Together we are stronger, together we can create and sustain a healthy world.

Create an oasis with meditation

There is a huge pre conceived view of meditation and Wellbeing Winnie would like to change that. You may not be comfortable with the word 'om' but finding time to connect with yourself will change your life. There is no right or wrong way to meditate... Find a way that suits you. Meditation can be anything from observing your thoughts, breathing, and bodily sensations, to mindfully drinking a cup of tea!

Healthy Body Health Mind

Wellness in the mind goes hand in hand with the health of our bodies. We are here to help... All our Healthy eating tips and recipes can be found on our 'Nutrition' page Simply click on the adjacent picture and we will take you there!

Reflection & Thought

This world can seem so daunting and hostile, sometimes all you need is a big dose of positivity and an extra helping of inspiration.
Get inspired...

Guided Relaxation

Take time to really relax... True relaxation is a disconnection from the world, so turn off the television put down the paper and take time to relax, recharge and refresh. These audios are also a perfect aid for sleep.
Stop for a moment