How They Work

Our Workshop mornings are not a typical yoga start to your day. Wellbeing Winnie combines the movement and knowledge of yoga with food, tea, and community. We look at how we can use our natural environment to aid in healing, what herbal remedies can be added into our daily routines. We open up the floor for you to share your experiences and take some quiet time for meditation. Each workshop varies depending on the topics we address.

Workshop Topics

Stress Management, Inflammation the body, Anti-aging, Positive Thinking & Letting Go, Strong Mind... Strong Body, More to come...

For those that love yoga, alternative therapies or interested in a healthy happy life.

Come along and join us as we delve into new thought patterns, coping strategies and alternative therapies. The workshop will include two yoga sessions, Understanding how energy moves through the body, rebalancing its flow and how imbalance affects different areas of life, understanding what mindful means and how to apply it to everyday life and stressful situation. Food, Herbal Teas, Treats, and goody bags full of inspiration


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