Applying Yoga to The golf Industry

Yoga is a beautiful spiritual practice and regular application of yoga in your life may invoke a faith or understanding. However, the physical benefits of yoga can not be denied even if you do not wish to immerse yourself completely in the ancient teachings and understanding of the practice.

Yoga is for everyone! It’s worth embracing even if it’s only to improve your game.

The application of yoga, when introduced in to a sporting profession, will help


Improve posture

Target and strengthen muscle groups awareness and activity.

Teach muscle control

Improve balance

Increases suppleness through stretching muscles

Reduces risk of injury and assists with injury rehabilitation

Enhances coordination and agility

Contributes to improved cardiovascular fitness and stamina


Relieves performance anxiety and stress, and frees athletes from mental distractions

Improves focus and teaches to identify emotion responses

Develops determination and self-discipline

Teaches athletes to challenge themselves and go outside of their comfort zone helping improve confidence removes self-doubt and judgment

Breath work provides athletes with techniques they can use whilst competing to control arousal levels

Helps athletes to understand the importance of relaxing, resting, and recovering

Provides individuals with the tools to disconnect from the game whilst at rest

Can be associated with a physical relief, the ability to let go of past results

Mentally prepares the individual and helps deal with frustrations that may arise from an undesired result.

Can be applied to all areas of everyday living

Will help induce a deep restful sleep to aid with recovery.

Yoga is not a replacement nor is designed to compete with medical applications and physiotherapy. It falls into an area of its own and is designed for specific results in the mind body and spirit. The practice, when used in a sporting context, works best when along side the orthodox approach. Yoga is not designed to diagnose injury or problems in the body, It will bring a mindfulness to the individual and enable them to read, control and understand the body. And although I view the practice as essential in helping a golfer reach peak performance it will not identify areas of the golfers game which may require improvement.