Who Is Winnie
Who Is Winnie

Wellbeing Winnie has been named after my 95 year old Nana Daisy ‘Winnifred’ (lovingly known as Winnie) who has lived a long happy life with the highest level of positivity, excellent health and unbelievable compassion. Wellbeing Winnie is driven to provide help by the most natural means possible. Yoga, Pilates, Herbalism, Diet, Fitness, Nature, Positive Attitude, Energy Healing, Emotional Support, and Meditation . We can offer a wide range of flexible packages, tailoring each one to suit individual needs. Let us share your magical adventure with you...
Namaste (the light in me bows and honours the light in you).

Anna Hall Mesney

Student Health Questionnaire

In order to participate in our classes you will need to fill in a health questionnaire. It is important that we provide you with the correct care and advice, please answer honestly

Health Questionnaire

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Wellness Coaching,
Energy Healing,
One - To - One
Tailored Health & Healing Packages

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