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The healing power of crystals is a widely debated subject, many question whether there is any truth behind the information and claims of healing that surround us everyday, but with crystals there’s more to them than just than magic and folklore which most of us have heard. There are actually scientific research and studies of why they are used for healing and why they work. This blog isn’t here to provide you with that information, but it might well be worth putting in a little research time for those who are a little skeptical when it comes to the world of crystal healing.  For why crystals do what they claim they do is actually very logical, like the vibration of each  of the cells in our body with their own frequency, crystals vibrate at their own frequency too. Just like us crystals absorb and omit vibrations.  That means that when we come into contact with crystals we use and absorb their vibration and frequencies to balance and support our own natural frequencies, enhancing our own physical, emotional and spiritual balance.

Morganite & Silver Charm

Made by Lorraine Gwinnett
Made by Lorraine Gwinnett

'Every semi-precious stone I work with is chosen for its beauty and its folklore, I believe the jewellery you wear should make your heart sing. It should make you walk a little taller. It should set you apart from the crowd and allow you to express who you really are'.

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With a world that is on lockdown the people of this planet have a collective heightened anxiety. So what are we afraid of?

  • A virus that we don’t understand?
  • Coming to terms with our own mortality?
  • Not knowing what’s around the corner?
  • Or are we just carried of other people, their actions, their anxieties?

We can’t control other people, nor should we try to, fear is a very personal, primal response. We can however take back the control of ourselves, how we respond to others, and how we stay calm when the world about us isn’t.

Having a little crystal in your pocket might just be the answer. It’s something we can keep safely in our pockets that takes up next to no room. We can reach for it whenever we need. We can play with it in our hands to release anxious energy, and just knowing we have it can make us feel safer (like a comfort blanket that a child may have).

So which do we choose?

Well here are a couple for you to try  Rose quartz:

This gemstone is excellent for using during trauma or crisis, it is a calming and reassuring crystal, it helps us come to terms with unexpected and/or necessary change. It is also an excellent stone for comforting grief. A lovely pale pink stone to soothe the heart, a crystal of unconditional love and forgiveness. encourages healing, comfort, compassion and peace. It dispels and dissolves emotional wounds, fears and resentments.


Another good choice…


It can help bring clarity to the mind, stopping the user from making decisions based on emotional judgement. Amethyst purifies the aura of any negative energy or attachments and creates a protective shield of light around the body. It helps in the creation of new ideas, putting thoughts into action, and brings projects to fruition. Amethyst is also well-known as a talisman of focus and success.  

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Rose Quartz


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