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Hatha Yoga Online

We understand that your time is precious, or that your location may restrict you from joining a class.

Something for everyone, This class works on good posture, pose breakdown, and performance. Variations of difficulty are offered for each pose so students can work to their strengths and at a pace at which they feel comfortable. This is an environment that is primarily for personal healing and getting to know yourselves better, Please note that our instructors can not monitor your practice via zoom. You will be responsible for your own safety during the class feed.

WellbeingWinnie’s online learning platform includes Yoga, Meditation, Energy Healing,

You will be working on:

  • Strength & Flexibility
  • Meditation & Mental Clarity
  • Correcting posture
  • Safe and accurate asanas (positioning)
  • Rebalancing the chakras
  • Anxiety reduction

Class Trainer

Anna Hall

Anna is the founder of Wellbeing Winnie and qualified and experienced in Yoga, Herbalism, Aromatherapy, Energy Healing.

Class Hours


19:00 – 20.00



19:00 – 20.00



Welcome to WellbeingWinnie, my dream that grows bigger and more exciting!

An idea that was inspired by an illness called myalgic encephalomyelitis (M.E) which I have had for 25 years. It has been a roller coaster of a ride, but through a dedicated practice of yoga and dedication to my health requirements, embracing new therapies (reflexology, massage, EFT, reiki, herbal treatments, cognitive behavioral therapy ), a clean diet with the removal of alcohol, gluten (as I’m coeliac) and a reduced sugar intake, I feel M.E is now a very good friend which positively impacts on the type of person I am today.

my life has changed my values, dreams, believes, and friendships in a profound and beautiful way. Movement is just one of my favorite techniques to share my blessings, but I try and bring all my holistic experience to the mat when I teach.

Currently, you can join me via a zoom live feed.




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