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Anna Hall Mesney
Anna Hall Mesney

I have had M.E for nearly 20 years and it has been a roller coaster of a ride. I found myself very lonely and misunderstood, not just by everyday people but also by medical professionals. Having encountered periods of illness from the age of 14, being misdiagnosed with a nervous breakdown at 21, and being finally diagnosed at the age of 25, I feel M.E is now a very good friend which positively impacts on the type of person I am today.

It started with a yoga DVD from my sister for Christmas…
‘Well, I’ve got to give it a go’ I thought, ‘at least the intensity level of exercise will be less extreme’. Bent over and I’m instructed to move in to ‘downward facing dog’. Hold on … what is that? I can’t even see the screen, I’m going to have to pause it… Needless to say, I did persevere and saw marked improvements in my physical health. However what got me truly hooked was how much it calmed my thought process, how much more focused I became. I began to feel a reason to actually live and not just to continue to exist.

The yoga opened a door, I tried meditation (very unsuccessfully at first) and now include both yoga and meditation in my daily routine. I also tried Bowen therapy, reflexology, massage, EFT, Reiki, herbal treatments and other complementary therapies. I assessed my diet, I stopped drinking (alcohol obviously). I cut out wheat, dairy, caffeine and dramatically reduced my sugar intake. I was signed on to a course of individual and group Psychotherapy. This has proved unbelievably beneficial. I never realised how powerful our minds can be, how our thought processes have such dramatic effects on our lives. “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.”
― Henry Ford

What this journey has emphasized to me is not the lack of information available to those who face the circumstances I did all those years ago, but how much time and research it takes to find the help that is right for each individual. This search for health, happiness, fun and adventure has encouraged me to help others create their own philosophy for their optimum health, happiness.

Rainbow Room, Hillside, Castle Donington


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