Time For A Spring Clean

Just as we seem to lose focus in September, and feel a sense of things ending and changing,  March is the time of year where we flip those feelings over. We have a sense of new beginnings, a time to shed all the stagnant energy collected over the colder months. A time to ‘Spring Clean’

We may not have realised it but much like a flower, we have spent the winter in a state of hibernation, healing, repairing, storing energy. Spring is a perfect time to cleanse and inject some vigour back in to the body, a perfect time for a detox.


But what do we mean by detox?

Detoxification – is the physiological or medicinal removal of toxic substances from a living organism and /0r the removal of situations, people, or emotions that could cause you more harm than good if they are not removed. letting go in all areas of life, body, mind, soul and our environment of things that no longer serve us.

It’s a great time to have a traditional spring clean and clear out any household clutter. Throw away or give to charity anything you do not use anymore, be strict! Open all the window and let in a flow of clean air and energy. Move the furniture around and clear out all the kitchen cupboards.

There are many ways to clear the negative energy from a room.

Method 1. Sprinkle salt on the carpets and furniture and after a brief amount of time use the vacuum cleaner to lift back off.

Method 2. Wash all fabrics and soft furnishings in warm soapy water or in the machine.

Method 3. Walk around every room and repeatedly clap your hands! Include all the corners of the room and the cupboards.


Detox the body

Aim to consume foods that are clean and will help nourish the body whilst limiting yourself to sensible portion sizes. Get outside and allow clean air to enter your lungs. Exercise – Start of slow and build up your strength, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Stretch – Stretching a muscle restricts the blood flow in and through it. Once the stretch is released lovely fresh clean blood will rush back in refilling the muscle. Think of it as a pause between squeezing out the unwanted and then allowing the new in.

And Finally

Let go of all that no longer serves you, This includes bad habits, negative thoughts and bad feelings, Find forgiveness and compassion and aim to inspire those around us ‘we rise by lifting others’.

And finally, You may have been putting this off but…. sit down and sort out your finances properly. Face all the issues even those that scare you and…. especially those that you pretend don’t exist!!!!


Anna Hall Mesney
Anna Hall Mesney

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