By getting to know you during private tuition, we can tailor a health and wellness package to suit you. Your requirements for maintaining balance will change according to what you encounter and experience in your environment. We can help you to learn techniques that you can always turn to throughout your life. Our packages aren't just yoga-based, we can help with, diet, nutrition, positive thinking, confidence building, self-esteem, goal setting, letting go of emotionally self-imposed barriers, energy healing and meditation.

What We Can Offer

Getting to know you...

From the answers you provide on your initial consultation form and from any of our follow up questions, we can begin to build a package that is just right for you. Changes will be made at your request if needed.

Weekly Schedule

A prepared weekly schedule that is easy to follow.
Breaking down your package into small manageable daily tasks.

Video Support

Each package will have aspects that require video support, our video library contains material to suit all packages. We can also record tutorials personalised just for you.


We know how hard it can be to start building a meditation habit, we can start you off on your journey with our 'First Steps To Meditation' four-week course. or just provide support with tutorials and pre recorded guided meditation audios.

Beyond the yoga

Personal wellness is usually achieved when we can maintain a healthy lifestyle in mind, body and spirit. Our packages can be tailored to address everything, poor sleep, sluggish metabolism, nutrition, energy healing...


Journaling is a great way to help you stay focused and record your wellness journey. Planning keeps us motivated, but reflection helps us to identify unhealthily behavioural patterns and build better foundations.