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Wellbeing Winnie T&Cs

Class/Lesson Bookings


1. Age

Unless otherwise stated by the intended instructor, the minimum age for any participant is 16 years old.

2. Consultation form

All new students/clients will need to complete a consultation form. This form should be completely accurately and truthfully to the best of the clients knowledge, an acknowledgement via signature will be required for this. All concerns with injury and illness should be raised here and discussed in detail with the instructor before a booking is made.

3. Booking

Teachers/Instructors retain the right to refuse a booking or client. All bookings will only be confirmed once full payment for a class (or set of classes) has been made. Unless otherwise stated, bookings will be made before the class begins.

4. Price per class

The cost of a lesson/session is dependent on the prices set by the intended instructor, Wellbeing Winnie instructors are self employed, all prices will be agreed between the parties before payment is taken. Payment should be made to instructors directly or via the relevant booking system.

5. Cancellation Booking

Should the student/client cancel a booking within twenty four hours of the date and time of the booking, the booking/class fee will be forfeited, anything prior to this time can be used in credit towards another booking with the same intended instructor. Refunds will only be made if the instructor cancels, or in extreme circumstances. The permitted circumstances for refund remain at the discretion of the instructor. The instructor reserves the right to cancel any booking should there be a good reason in the instructor’s opinion. In such a case there will be no charge to the potential client.

6. Grievances

All of Wellbeing Winnie's instructors are self employed and have their own public liability and indemnity insurance. Wellbeing Winnie operates as a franchise so therefore all instructors are responsible for their own complaints and grievance procedures. All instructors are guided on the principles of Wellbeing Winnie before they can use the Wellbeing Winnie name. A student/client may submit any concerns to Wellbeing Winnie if they feel an instructor is not acting in a manner which compliments the principles set. In these incidents a full and thorough investigation will be made by Wellbeing Winnie. All questions, complaints, and other information about an actual Wellbeing Winnie product should be directed to Wellbeing Winnie. Each instructor is responsible for any first aid that they perform or record.

7. Number of Persons to be admitted

The Instructors will set their own maximum number of persons to be allowed in a class at any one time. Usually bookings will have been made before the lesson to ensure that the number is not exceeded. If the instructors offers a 'drop in' session that does not require a booking, the instructors retains the right to refuse entry to any students that takes room capacity over the allowed number.

8. Equipment

We strongly advise that students/clients provide their own equipment. New students may have the option to borrow from the instructor during their first session, if there is equipment readily available and has been prearranged when the booking was made. Some classroom sizes may be smaller than others, students/clients should try and minimise how many personal belongings they bring to a lesson. Students are responsible for their personal belongings at all times. Students/Clients should operate good hygiene with equipment (borrowed or owned) for the safety of themselves and others in the class.

9. Safety

The instructors will give detailed guidance during a session. It is the students/clients responsibility to raise any questions that they may have about the instructions received. Students/clients are responsible for their own safety and the way they move. A teacher will never touch a student unless it has been agreed to by both parties for them to do so in order to achieve a more accurate position. Students/clients will be asked to remove footwear including socks and hosiery, this is for their own safety. Socks with a gripping on the base will be allowed. If a student refuses to remove their footwear, they will then become responsible for any problems that occur with slipping or general movement. An instructor retains the right to remove a student from a lesson if any of the above can not be agreed. An instructor retains the right to refuse to work with clients in a private dwelling.

10. Class Etiquette

It's important for us that every student feels safe. We understand that a yoga session is a place and time for healing. Both students/clients and instructors should observe kindness and compassion to all while attending a class. As a student begins to feel safe, they may share very personal information about themselves. Therefore, we encourage each student to be respectful, by not repeating or sharing information that they have heard. individuals should not sit or walk on another person's mat without consent. Students should observe respect before, during, and after a class for all other individuals present. This includes consideration to any persons or groups that are using the room spaces before the intended class begins. External noise to the classroom (while students are waiting to enter) should be kept low. Students/clients should allow the persons/groups that are using the room to exit fully before entering and setting up equipment.

11. GDPR

Wellbeing Winnie will never hand your details to a third party. We endeavour to follow the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) guidelines set by the European Union's (EU). All instructors have been guided in, and agreed to keep students/clients personal information in line with GDPR. Further details can be found here: https://gdpr.eu/. Instructors will not use pictures that show faces of students/clients on websites and social media sites without prior consent from each of the students/clients. Instructors are individually responsible for all grievances for GDPR that has been raised against them



Our working hours state the times of our group classes, live and online.

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